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a design-loving talent agency celebrating original studios, inventive directors and creative minds.

Here’s to fall! 

From its original incarnation as a sales and marketing army of one, Free Agents has enthusiastically grown into a passionate team of agents all focused on one goal—to make it effortless for you to engage with our artists, and to celebrate their work in a way that is uncomplicated and exciting—the work needs little embellishment.

The process has also been quite personal—the evolution of our desire to seek out directors and artists that are drawn to innovation rather than any particular technique…And a love of all things beautiful!

Our studios are privileged to be sought after by some of the most forward thinking brands in the world.

As an added bonus—we come to work on behalf of many of our closest friends :)

So come join us—Our services are tailored to each client’s very unique needs happily ranging from strategic marketing and sales, to collaboration and consulting on talent, brand identity, tactical PR, social media and enhancing brand rapport—and still, it is all about our artists and their brilliant studios.

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